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candle care faq

this is actually totally normal for a soy wax candle! it is a great indicator that you have a 100% soy wax candle. soy wax is natural so it won't always have that smooth top after burning but don't worry, this will not affect the performance of your candle!

wood wick candles are all the hype these days and make for a super cozy mood with their crackling wicks. but, they can be a little tricky to burn if you’re not used to them! here are some tips to get the most out of your candle:

- it's important to trim your wooden wicks before each burn because when there is too much wood material between the flame and the wax, you run the risk of the candle not being able to light itself. if this happens, the candle will extinguish shortly after being lit. you can trim the wick by breaking off the charred part of the wick with Kleenex or paper towel. we also sell wick trimmers if you prefer to use those!

- if your candle is tunneling, this can be a bit tricker to fix, but if it happens you can try these tricks:

if the wick is able to stay lit and tunnel isn’t too deep, let it burn for 4 hours to let all the tunneled wax hang up melt down and “reset” the memory of the candle. flame height may dwindle but so long as it stays lit, let it burn! a great tip is to wrap a piece of aluminum foil around the edges of the vessel and allow the candle to burn long enough to melt the wax to the edge of the vessel. make sure to leave an opening in the center so the wick still has oxygen. the aluminum foil helps hold in enough heat to help reset your candle quicker.

- if the candle won’t stay lit because it is “drowning” in the wax (maybe the wick was trimmed too short), you can use a paper towel to soak up excess melted wax to allow more room for the wick to breathe. be sure to blow the candle out before using a paper towel to soak wax.

we love using the highest quality products possible. check out why in our Materials page!

store your candles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent warping or melting

make sure you allow your candle to create a full melt pool on the first burn and avoid extinguishing it too soon!

we recommend burning your candles for 1-4 hours at a time

we recommend using a candle snuffer, or gently blow out the flame to avoid hot wax splatter

support & orders faq

you sure can!

be sure to select "Local Pickup" at checkout and you are more than welcome to pick your order up at the Alderney market every Saturday from 8am-1pm, or pickup at our studio location 17 Prince St. in Dartmouth

absolutely we do!

add a personal touch to your candles with our beautifully designed and customizable labels.

perfect for weddings, events, or just adding a special touch to your home decor.

contact us today to learn more about our options and pricing.

let's create something together!

absolutely we do! just bring your finished candle back to us and you will receive 15% off your next purchase with us! you are more than welcome to bring your finished candle to whatever location we are at whether that be at the Alderney Market every Saturday, at the studio at 17 Prince Street in Dartmouth, or any other market we may be at!

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