customer reviews

”I recently visited Halifax on my honeymoon and happened to stop in at your pop up at the waterfront and bought a candle. I just lit it today and was so happy with the scent I chose (beechwood), the even burn and the way the wood wick burnt as well. I love supporting small, Canadian businesses and I can’t wait to order more from you in the future. Thanks for creating a great product!”


"Love this scent! Smells like the satsuma body butter from the Body Shop! It's fresh and not too sweet"

- Emily

"Honestly this is the best smell candle ever! and knowing it's local and free of all the bad stuff makes it that much better!"

- Cait

"I was introduced to Coastal Cove Candles at the Christmas show in Moncton.

They burn beautifully. The cackle from the wooden wick adds a special something to the burn. Not to mention that the packaging is simple and so aesthetically pleasing for any space."

- Brianne

"I ordered the valentine collection for my girlfriend as she loves candles. It came packaged nicely and they even added some Valentine candy as a special surprise. I can't wait to give it to my girlfriend, she'll love it. Will definitely order from this company again"

- Shane

Burn the Bourbon & Sandalwood in my living room and it smells fantastic. Not too overbearing but fills the room nicely. The crackle from the wooden wick is very soothing to listen to and doesn’t make my wall go black compared to a big box store candle. Been throughly impressed with the coastal cove candles and will certainly be buying more!

- Craig

It’s easy to support a business when it’s THIS GOOD

I find a lot of candles smell good but when you light them they don’t have a fragrance but I wanna smell that in the room it’s in, you know? It’s just such a light but powerful smell because I walked into my room and it’s like wow that’s lemon grass and I just love it so much

And not too fragranced to give you a headache